Are Birds a Scary Species?

For anyone who has ever seen the movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock, seeing wild birds congregated heavily in one area is sure to send shivers up their spine. Thanks to movies and literature some species of birds have gotten quite a bad rap.They are viewed as either vicious scavengers that are intent on death or they are portents of dark times. Even worse is when the bird is associated with death and seeing one is supposed to be a message that bad times are coming. Is it fair to isolate certain species of birds from their brethren just because they are not as beautiful?Light tales of love from Disney or twisted tales of doom by poets such as Edgar Allen Poe have kept the crow/raven in its sinister spot. In “Sleeping Beauty” by Disney, the villainess has a pet crow/raven that is used as her evil spy. Poe had his raven that kept crying “nevermore” in his piece titled quite apropos “The Raven.” Maybe it is the fact that crows travel in packs called murders. The birds portrayed in these classic works of fiction have certainly made their mark in our minds.The wild bird definitely deserves some respect. It is just like other wild animal. You have to keep in mind that it is territorial, will defend itself and has to find a food source. And while crows/ravens have received some bad press thanks to authors and filmmakers, vultures and other carrion eating birds have repulsed mankind for eons. This bird species is a scavenger.Anytime you see vultures or buzzards circling in the air, you know that there is either something dying or something that has already died. Most people do not set up bird feeders to attract these types of pets. They want colorful birds, songbirds and delicate hummingbirds to grace their gardens and yards.The birds that literature and film have targeted deserve a break. They are only doing what is in their nature. There really is nothing insidious about what they do. They do not target small towns to terrorize them.They do not bring a portent of doom and gloom to those individuals that they visit. They are two legged, winged wild animals that are what nature programmed them to be. It is a thought to keep in mind the next time you are in a movie theater, watching television or reading a book. Nature decides what these species are designed for.