Wild Animal Glass Collectible Figurines

If you enjoy reading up on nature articles and love the wild open spaces and wild life out there, this is just the article for you. I have some interesting facts on wild animals and how you can start a great figurine collection of wild animals. They are known to have existed for over 200 million years and were there with the dinosaurs. An interesting fact about wild animals is that anatomically their skeleton is in many ways similar to our human skeleton.As a true wild animal enthusiast you can start your own collection of wild animals in beautifully designed and crafted blown glass. This exquisite form of collectibles is one of the most interesting of all collectibles that are sold online in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes to suit every budget. You can find hand blown glass animal figurines covering an array of wild animals from badgers, elk, rabbit, deer, bear, boar, rhino and so much more. There truly is some thing for everyone available.Although we spoke of how wild life has been around for over 200 million years many of the wild animal species across the globe have already been extinct for years or are going into extinction at an alarming rate. Extinction the experts say could be both natural and human driven. In almost all cases the prime cause for extinction has been the loss of habitat due to human activities. As the population grows so does the demand for land to live on and conduct a variety of human development needs and to a large extent this has been the cause for the extinction of a number of species from planet earth.It is important to understand that there are many large species like elephants and the lions which need vast tracts of land to live on and roam about on. However man continues to encroach about animal territory rather relentlessly, destroying the natural habitat of these animals and forcing them to move further and further afield, where they soon die.What you can do to celebrate these animals is to start your own wild animals’ glass figurine collection. If you love to Safari and the wild life get online and start your personal collection. Select from a wide range of wild animal figurines that include the enormous elephant, the graceful zebra, the gracious giraffe, the wild boar, the swift deer, the majestic lion or the sleepy tiger, cuddly bears and statuesque horses. The list is endless; I simply cannot list the whole range of products.

The Marula Fruit – African Booze For Wild Animals, Or Total Myth?

Are you familiar with the Marula tree? If not, it’s a beautiful African tree that produces wonderful and tasty fruits! Yummy fruits, which apparently make elephants drunk…? The story has been going on for ages…so much so that it has even become a liquor, called “Amarula” for connoisseurs (very tasty by the way, a little like Bailey’s)!OriginThe story is traced back to the 1970s (1974 to be exact), when a guy by the name of Jamie Uys produced two documentaries called “Beautiful People” (he also directed “The Gods Must Be Crazy”). The footage, among other things showing wild animals getting drunk after eating the marula fruits, became an immediate hit (and even received an award for best documentary). Since then millions of people are still persuaded that elephants do indeed get drunk with such “potent” fruits! The question is: is it true?Genuine Info or Total Fallacy?Sorry to disappoint you, but (un)fortunately (depends how you see it…) the story is absolutely false! In fact, Jamie Uys’ footage was totally staged and the animals were in fact fed with alcohol (hard to believe I know…). The directors soaked the food and then filmed it! Today the film would’ve made a scandal, but back then it was another story!Apparently, if this whole “myth” was to be true, any person (or animal) would have to ingest 25% of its own body weight in fruit (in one go) in order to get drunk from it. Not very realistic!;)Fruit CharacteristicsMarula fruits are very rich in vitamin C, and the nut is full of protein! In other words, the fruit is not only a delicacy for elephants, but also for most of the animals of the African savanna! Impalas, kudus, nyalas, baboons, warthogs and other creatures also feed on this delicious treat. They either get it directly from the ground, or thanks to the pachyderms that shake the trees to reach their prize.